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Open to the public:

Seeking Participation and project partners! Looking for persons strong in areas of business and science that compliment the project and skillsets where persons at the company might not be so strong. Volunteer your skill sets and experience to the project and share in any revenues. Send an email to Describe your interest in the project.

This research benefits, and is done on part by Quantum Bell Inc., because this is the operating title of the register Florida corporation where I work. Quantunnel is a short name for "Quantum Tunnel" and is a research division of Quantum Bell Inc., staffed again, with few. What will later be an operating unit of Quantum Bell, Quantunnel was built after a sighting in the evening sky, to understand what was seen.

Scientific participation is requested on the following work done by Quantum Bell Inc. to understand recent events in cosmological history:
  • The structure of the transit has been identified, and the sighting of the second sun is the transit path for the event. We are seeking scientific cooperation to understand the impact of the compression wave heading toward earth. The study involves the compression and consequence of release for a stellar body, or planetary atmosphere, the result of a transit inside the observed event for the series of stars >15,000 Light Years in path to our own.
  • We are seeking scientists capable of platforms like jhelioviewer by ESA and NASA, to correlate the transit event. Indicators by SOHO and LASCO observatory indicating the measurable load on the star was not within sensor threshold during these events, and are seeking scientific analysis regarding impact on plants in our solar system, as the energy threshold for the event reaches a natural light speed for radio and other energetic transit.
  • Quantum bell Inc, has evaluated LIGO data, and correlated the scientific instruments observation to a different type of cosmic collision than indicted by first analysis of those capable scientific teams of similar instrumentation to LIGO. It is believed the quantunnel observed series of stars in path, resulted in collisions producing a measurement identified by LIGO and similar instrumentation as part of a series of stars inside the assembly path for the bridge event, and those LIGO measurements with origin as those stars that were encountered by the transit event; later measured as "gravity waves" produced by that encounter reaching to our surface from each star in series. those first measurements achieved by the capable instrumentation of our scientific teams on planet earth.
  • We are seeking scientific analysis regarding the impact on energy systems and energy storage on the planet the result of the bridge assembly including our star in series, and the load on stars and planets near to us, and/or impact on power line systems for a rotating body inside a transitory energy, specific to a series of three stars, where earth is the second star in series. That analysis, must indicate the load factor identified by land or space based systems measured with some proximity to the event.
  • Quantum Bell Inc. Is currently achieving results extracting transit header data on behalf of, to identify what is transiting the path. These details are available by request to the laboratory, and will require a 30 day period for a custom report specific to public scientific capability of the teams making the request.
The event which resulted in the creation of the ToTLR model at is research contributing to the founding of Quantum Bell Inc, and necessary to understand the Science. These comments are issued by the company:
  • The event witnessed is not the "fault of mankind." The last noted event of this size was recorded by the Inca and Maya creation myth, indicating an observation of five suns, and similar to that recorded in Indonesia by camera in 2015, after the bridge event affected observation of the star from our planets surface, affecting the RULE. The creation myth offers a time distance metric of the 64 cited above and used by the laboratory. The assembly of the bridge among the series of stars, originated beyond the manmade signal sphere for radio communications spanning from earth and our star into local and interstellar space. The bridge assembly was noted and estimated at 1.23e18 meters per minute resulting in the observable problem of two, three, and five suns seen in the sky, and two moons. The event is noted faster than natural light (ref. QT Documentation as part of the ToTLR model to understand how the assembly is explainable for scientific analysis). The radio sphere is a distance measurable radius as interpretable radio communications at a light year distance from the planet.
  • The maya survived the event absent the development of technology after men ate from the tree of knowledge, absent the conditions of modern technology, we suspect mankind of the modern day will also survive.
  • Our work at Quantum Bell Inc. is attempting to discern information from that path.
As usual, the laboratory is available for contact. QB and QT cooperation to evaluate these topics does not rely expressly on Einstein and those scientists basing their research on proofs for that early research; instead we use the ToTLR model. A healthy scientific debate or cooperation is necessary to understand the problems presented by the bridge assembly.

Copyright Quantum Bell Inc. 2018 in the State of Florida. Corporate espionage is against the law.