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Open to the public:

Request for Information (RFI GOAL) (06222018)
  • GOAL has a request for innovation; We are seeking methods to process engineer and automate the recycling of garbage, inputting from garbage trucks, to be separated into mineral types and automatically sorted. The design proposal should include methods to handle liquid, chemical, and other wastes by sorting into appropriate container for further processing at the landfill. The proposal input should establish a method to sort biological wastes, chemical, heavy metals, and more, and later enable transport of those containers for processing further those sorted materials for additives and impurities.
  • GOAL is seeking methods to remove heavy metals from landfills like mercury from waste mercury switch thermostats, estimated t be tens of thousands of barrel to date, that does not include incineration like indonessia facilities. The design proposal should identify a method, where after drilling a pipe line under the dump or landfill, to extract, collect, automate processing of liquid wastes while separating heavy metals and other contaminants, including radioactive materials from waste medical equipment, to reduce the liquid content, and transported for additional processing.
  • GOAL is seeking opinion regarding methods discovered to clean radioactive water, and a laboratory with design and manufacture capability with access to test or confirm those results for water purification systems. Currently, we have three design processes which can be implemented in a small laboratory for the purpose, and perhaps scaled up.
  • GOAL is researching a method to clean water for small towns, without expensive filtration hardware. We have a design approach and method capable of supply from 15 acres of land, producing approximately/est 1000+/- gallons of water per minute using unaltered salt water. If you have the land, and research capability, please contact our laboratory for more information.
  • Ecologists: GOAL is seeking ecologist interested in terra forming research. We are looking for capable persons, and proposals, for planting low water consuming plants and vegetation in dessert areas, to grow and research terraforming a dessert landscape into a Forrest; to identify the insect or other populations emerging the result, and more. Please email our company for more details. These projects could later support additional efforts with scientific foundations and data for application on other planets.
  • Ecologist: GOAL is seeking interested person in terra forming projects, for the engineering phase of a proposal to construct a salt water pipeline to refill Utah's great salt lake basin, or some selection of other arid landscapes around the globe or in Africa or iran. The engineer and scientist should be concerned with the engineering of the pipeline, environmental and societal impacts prior to, during, and after the fill, and precisions for weather patterns, wildlife restock, and other identified issues of terraforming effort. These projects could later support additional projects with scientific foundations and data for application on other planets or on other regions of planet earth.
Cutting Edge (CE QBI) (06222018)
  • QBI is seeking scientists willing to participate with early process engineering, trial, and test initiatives with our private laboratory. We have discovered a way to float a material without the addition of power, and without reliance on earth energy systems, and are seeking ways to apply the innovation to vehicles, boats, and aircraft; and also to increase a stable lift potential. If you would like to duplicate and confirm our research, please send your request in writing to the laboratory.
  • QBI has discovered a weapons system ballistic for projectiles, and is seeking persons capable of testing and applying to products the discovery. We are looking for cooperating scientists capable of testing on land, sea, and eventually orbit, those ballistics systems and establishing criteria relative to conventional ballistic propellants.
  • QBI is planning to acquire land, and additional space for research, to build the worlds first uLINE data reception facility. We will indicate technical reception and post design request or proposals as approved.
Projects Developmental (PD QBI) (06222018)

Where quantum Bell is established as a telecommunications forensics, uLINE research and Reception company, extra curricular research effort continues to amaze for practical use developments originating in America.
  • MarleyLABS and Quantum Bell have pioneered the bouncing spark! Check it out here! Plans for the bouncing spark will be integrated into Flight systems hull designs for the laboratory.
  • Quantunnel and MarleyLABS have Developed the first working prototype of a Rule Cell! The First RULE cell outputs 46 Watts and is 2x2. The Second Version expected near 2020, will produce about 200 Watts!
  • MarleyLABS has achieved a method for proving our flight systems research! Hypothetically, we can achieve flight inside earths atmosphere and among planets in the solar system, without a need for fuel!
  • MarleyLABS has achieved levitation for a rock and a dinner tray! As part of flight systems research, this will be integrated into future developments in materials and energetic research for craft hull and flight systems.
  • Quantum Research is ongoing, and QBI is innovating detection methods for various systems in and around our communties! Email for more information.
  • These Projects and development data sets are introduced to Quantum Bell Inc. Holdings, and with other developments of Quantunnel Research Efforts.
Projects Ongoing (PO QBI) (02012018)
  • QuanTunnel Bridge Event; Transit Header Data Decode
  • Decode, 64 Metrics of Bridge Event
  • Research supporting O|O (Star to Star Intelligence; and Star Marker Star) is performed for (GOD) initiatives.
  • Quantum communication is considered a scientific
    extreme and is a natural deviation that is unsafe for
    environment and flocks with use or failure.
  • Quantum Bell (QB, QT, and ISC) Seeking persons to help interpret bridge event header data.
Participate! Scientists and citizen researchers needed! Contribute your skill set to the project!
  • Looking for volunteers to help sort data and to work on projects and patent concepts.
  • Compensation is project based.
  • As a reception group, often Quantum Bell Inc. (QBI) has more projects delivered than this scientist can pursue. Please email for something to do, or ways you can contribute as a scientist and discover how profitable GOAL research initiatives or fulfillment opportunities can be for your capable scientists and companies.
  • GOAL, Government of anARCH Laboratory. anARCH literal is "a natural government of construction." Proposal and request fulfillment should adhere a natural method and process.
Data is available by Request ONLY.

Access for non scientific users requires a contribution to the scientific teams at QuanTunnel.
Make your donation to Marley Laboratory. (MarleyLABS)
Theft of data is due pricing set by the merchant without barter.

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