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Open to the public:

  • QuanTunnel Bridge Event; Transit Header Data Decode
  • Decode, 64 Metrics of Bridge Event
  • Research supporting O|O (Star to Star Intelligence; and Star Marker Star) is performed for (GOD) initiatives.
  • Quantum communication is considered a scientific
    extreme and is a natural deviation that is unsafe for
    environment and flocks with use or failure.
  • Quantum Bell (QB, QT, and ISC) Seeking persons to help interpret bridge event header data.
Participate! Scientists and citizen researchers needed! Contribute your skill set to the project!
  • Looking for volunteers to help sort data and to work on projects and patent concepts.
  • Compensation is project based.
Data is available by Request ONLY.

Access for non scientific users requires a contribution to the scientific teams at QuanTunnel.
Make your donation to Marley Laboratory. (MarleyLABS)
Theft of data is due pricing set by the merchant without barter.

Copyright Quantum Bell Inc. 2018 in the State of Florida. Corporate espionage is against the law.