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Operating Units
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Quantum Bell Inc. consists of Operating units on the board of directors. These units are research based and support the argument for retaining control of the information and preventing dangerous innovation by "free laboratories." The operating units of the company each provide a support for the total company and project, identifying opportunity and development potential where these divisions enable the technology to function, from computing, to telecommunications, and other endeavor.
, Quantunnel was founded after witnessing an event in the evening sky. Attempting to understand the event, required the use of the other projects in development, and led to the first QuanTunnel Framework v.001, and subsequent inclusion of the ToTLR modeling. Quantunnel research is foundation for the early concepts of quantum bell. During the event, I was part of several programs, one was a criminal organization who was attempting to harm me with radio and other energy, the second was a remote neural monitoring program able to read from the person, the third were lines inserted under the home with surface permeable field. The position of the planet when the event r, was between the star I was looking at when the path met it, and then to our star over the planet. It was night on this side of the planet, day on the other where the star was. After the event, information began coming in strange ways, and I have spend years attempting to record it all, sometimes writing so fast, for myself, that spelling and grammar is not as important as recovering the data to me. Quantunnel has led to the pursuit of interstellar signaling and decoding of information that has a special interest to me and for Quantum Bell Inc.
Where "Labor" is done by the scientist as part of a research process, preferring the selection for choice of spelling. MarleyLABS is the innovative foundations for the Quantum Bell Inc, and is currently the only public GOAL laboratory. Though all of marleyLABS research does not belong to Quantum bell Inc, and some research is owned respectively by anARK, or other contribution efforts requesting evaluation or requiring research effort and to be done, the development for Quantum Bell Inc, is owned by the corporation when it is done on behalf of. MarleyLABS was the incubator that led to the incorporation of formation of each operating unit and eventually Quantum Bell Inc., and combing all the research to produce the early foundations for the company. MarleyLABS is a GoA Laboratory. is a project which follows development of a naval salute time time line, and developed specifically to meet the innovative demands for the current naval fleet against energy weapons, and that or orbital and solar orbital navy craft having a need for the same detection, directional energy weapons, detection and defense. This project supports Quantum Bell Inc, and of special interest to the company is the communications systems.
The theory of relativity is emerged before the discovery of time light relative, and was later foundation for evolving he pursuit. The Einstein theory of relativity, after working the ToTLR model, identifies Einstein's perspective, on the embankment, and suggest like my own, Einstein had a perspective of the same thing. This is research is different than Einstein, and can explain mathematically and origin for gravity, the methods a planet or other stellar body can retain an atmosphere, including a star and its gravity. This research is consistently advancing as work with quantunnel grows in complexity.
Time light relativity, or the Theory of Time Light Relativity, is a project which originated more than a decade ago. Tracing the topic back, it is possible to understand how the theory emerged as it was worked. From social Organic, to a first copy of the philosophy of time and light, and successive version attempting to understand the concept. The project eventually produced a model, identifying a Ruler dubbed. V1.3. This understanding is necessary for the developments at Quantume Bell Inc, and foundation for understanding some of the research topics. The ruler model was discovered as deduce by decoding an ancient magic symbol. The symbol was discovered to be a ruler for time light relativity, and helped me decode the event I saw in the sky.

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