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First Chief Executive Officer and Lead Scientist, Michael Marley of Marley Laboratory ( Lead scientists and company CEO are selected in 4 and 4 year terms, where competition is available and applied. We are a startup company, and have been developing technology for more than 3 years. Persons wanting to get involved with quantum bell inc, or other projects, should send and email to the or Persons seeking cooperation might offered a role in the company sharing in the profits from projects. is in development the year 2020! Marley Laboratory and Quantum Bell Inc. The Oath of Science is taken by our scientists.

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Time Light,
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RULE Sciences,
Founded in 2020

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QBONE (QBI Product) and QuantumMicro (QMI) are Quantum Qualified Infrastructure and Atomic Backbone Switch Gear Invented by QBI, UOA, SG, ML. These product lines are available for evalaution and in the development phase. Qserv.001 Personal Assistants and dynamic Interdimensional Routing.

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Quantum Bell Inc.
Open to the public:

Check out updates to the RULE Sciences at the American; Both the extensible and modular are available.

Travel and Planning.
The Developmeny of Gateways and Doors for Travel and exploration of different worlds.
Intricate Networks and Pad to Pad Development. These public images are precisely not accurate for geonodal connectons, for reasons of artistry and protection of proprietray data. Quantum Bell, UoA, and Arkist have over 64 working connections to various traversable environments we film on a regualr basis and offer monthly in just about any area of the North Continent. Technology of the cystal blade, crystal revolver, and other technologies like Suit, Screen, Computer, Server, and Environmental Server are in development. These networks do not work according alledged modern technology innovations, but do work with, specifically powered by the Radial Core Processor of ATT Networks and other Access area variable, and pattern descriptions needing technical personel to qualify and test. These projects of Quantum Bell, UoA, Arkist, SG, and Quantunnel are limited introduction to entry level Dimensional Areas. This representation indicates Local Earth, and Affiliated Projects. See QuanTunnel, and visit Michael Marley, this terms annual science and CEO team members in the lab ( QuanTunnel In The Lab )for more information.

Recent Portfolio updates:
  • and Both domains were purchased, and both appear to have been hijacked. The first is available using proxy outside my internet operated by men from another country. The project start page is located here, the brochure will be available at those sites. I hold each them for two years since june 2021.
  • Project link Star Gate
  • Just like other projects, we are operating at 9 sites aroud the state of florida and have across projects local and more, are able to open, and communicat across vast areas of earth ad the solar systems. Gate infrastructure consits of Quantunnel protocol, and many oter innovations for gate technology including parallel living environment, portals, long range and short range travel, and server development crossing the boundaries of modern reality into the development areas of QBI expertise and infrastructure. We maintain a position authority with 63 servers serving over 750 dimensions, gates and portals spanning from walgreens to saturn, with an average of 71 gates and portals possibility across 17 average open daily. I built and operated these gates before acquiring the project.
The Complexity of International Connections. Portals, Tunnels, Gateways, and QBI Network. UoA and ML have Achieved working status with dozens of hours of footage online. The complexity of Pad to Pad Transfers. The Interconnected universe of places. Each acre of woods can contain seven environments or more. The Universe and Quantunnel, connecting places, and Roads. UoA does not need Computers, we use talent. For the Uninitiated, tracking some portals helps to access or reaccess them.

Connecting Environments and Peoples. Quantum Bell Inc, and Quantunnel.comm with MarleyLABS (Field Research and Innovation) has established on average 7 concurrent connections, and have mapped more than 64. Our list of local cluster access and Planetary Routes exceeds 2100 Addresses Access areas part of research. Our Planned Gate Facility or Access locations enable travel from anywhere of 2100 locaions. This slection represents local earth travel.

Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week.

Proprietary Engineering Projects and operative assignments, not only utilize the RULE Sciences, and ToR applications across the Text book "QuanTunnel and Theory of Time Light Relativity (ToTLR) And Radio Light Relaltivity, RLR Manuals" Written by the lead science teams, we manage and update in accordanc with requirements from geo physcial surveys and literal field work. Public Demonstrations can take up to two weeks, to experience of a few doorways. Larger projects for company talent, can exceed several months for stabile area and tehcnical expertise for configuration of environment. Micahel Marley is the lead scienctist, and our failure rate after 11 years, is near zero.
  • Quantunnel Reseolves Interplanetary and and Interstealler Pathing
  • Qunatum Bell Inc, Resolves Domestic Local, Airports, housing, stable realms. On earth.Quantum Bell Inc.
  • University of Arcane, resolve uses for defense, home building, and teaching for contruction teams, to build homes, operate businesses,and idenitfy new forms of mass and concrete. (Talent people people who could work the gate facility main area or adventure it.) Univerity of Arcane
  • These operations were pioneered by MArleyLABs and and COllection of Other Persons, know as whatever they idenitfiy, if not playing demon to complain about who is terrosixing one realm or another. MarleyLabs and SG (Star Gate Acquisition)

About Quantum Bell Inc. and MarleyLABS

Quantum Bell Inc. and MarleyLABS, in the year 2021, have begun new projects incorating new tools developed in the laboratory. Work while building these companies since 2012, has resulted in some of the biggest discoveries in laboratory history. The development projects have produced more than a few results that are satisfactory to our scientific adeventuring around the state of florida and while innovating military technology for our defense.

Year 2021 + The development process has produced screens for personal development, a computer technology, and routing for targeting remote persons we call "quantum glock." Our computer technology excels beyond what tradiatyion computer system casn achieve, and is in the proto type phases. This development is not exp[ected to end, and further, development into the first "de4sktop" quantum computer, does not even rese4mble a man made caluculator these days, and is expected to excel in other areas of calculation, beyond that of the standard universe, adding a real measurement set across more than humanoid life forms ability to calculate with numbers. The development of micro processors, input and output mechanisms for calculating via transitors and on off or multistate mechanisms used for passing data. We have since 2015 traversed the span, and explored 2 entry ways of 43 dimensions relative to mankind, and further added this year, by caluculating the seventh take over of mankinds electrical infrastructure, adding another layer to the workload. Because the evolution of the company has been ongoing, most historic projects with relevent data have been progressed, and most ave been resolved and we are movbing on. The presentation here is developiong, and most of this data will be updated as i get a chance to to do so.

Development of projects are in accordance withthe needs of GoA, and other regions of the area, for defense or other reasoning. The updates from quantum bell inc, include the introduction and development of the rule sciences, founded from development since 2012, at social organic, and further at Any requsts to the company, should be addressed to Michael Marley, CEO and chief scientist of the company and foundational concepts. is still in development, and will also be supporting scientific and governmental research as it is required for development.

See project 4 years after projec acquisitin from the United States armed forces from an abandoned index, we have working gates! 11 years in Business of discovery, Marleylabs+ is pleased to announce more developments including technical innovations.

This year QBI is contributing to the development of UoA, and further, the development of other projects as part of MarleyLABS.

Projects overview this year include:

Engineering Projects, Infrastructure. Power. Telco. Cable. (Research Index)

Infrastructure Projects at QBI/ML are unlike other infrastructure projects. Where we have been on the front line of innovation as a technical provider for the Government of America Laboratories, GOAL, we are working to develop across a section of intellgience no other nation works or develops. These innovations have seen the pioneering work of application for worksite, homesite, and community development. The typical universe of men is held within some confined space of x,y,z, and to some extent, most men are only able to comprehend that work load. The cooperative index from UoA and other projects, as developed and intelligence is assigned in one category or another, these entities are developed as with their own destinies. As CEO and Scientist of the project group, Infrastrcuture projects at QBI/ML have tested problems of proporgation, found and worked to resolve problems of the rule, and further, to give technical foundation to one of the worlds oldest and respected sciences, the arcane.

QBI and QT is developing parallel structures, and other idenitfied reasoning for working with life of earth, and giving alternatuves to living and working among men, as from earth. The QBI ML structure in place has pionered for years across technical boundaries, and is working into the science of space not typical of the cosmos or physics of classic dimensional sciences limited by the capbility of person to understand or work within some threshhold of information. QBIs Infrastrcuture projects, including that work of uLINE and EMF research has pioneering field work and development of technolgies to enable the furture of population and entwined workers.

ML/QBI have found new ways to structure mass, to innovate across the invention and use of particles, and further that science of developing and discovering archaic computer systems and approaches to innovating infrastructure andengneering approach. At marleyLABS and our cooperative of person(s) involved (BIO, MAC, LIG/EM) we have pioneered new types of concrete, new forms of communicative infrastructure, motor and drive technolgies, defense technolgies, and those of camoflouge and other environments and further we are on the cutting edge of infrastrcuture development for the furture of habitation and coordination of habitation while innovating with SG, UoA, and ML work and living space environments. These environments where most would not have the introduction course to working with paraphysical concepts, the typical environment of a home or office has 1 useful x,y,z to men. For our developments at UoA/QBI,QT, and further, we can place 1 home with three sets of furniture, and no piece of each furniture set is able to directly see the other. Three families can live in the same home, and even use the same doorway to enter or leave only seeing one another at a doorway, or other easement.

The innovations at ML and QBI have engineering projects spanning more than a home and also into the development of community, towns, cities, and modes of transport. We have innovated floating rocks and metal coils, and indicated simple ways to explain to animals how to make things float, and further, worked across the development of easements, roadways, and highways, reletaive to earth communites, and transport or other protocols inherent in ligical communication (light based calculation or algorythems) for that divide of men from a firmament they are destroying. For those on our team, dimensional research has indicated up to 64 possible enfirnments held among the same forrest of florida, and further, man lives on one of those planes unable to see the others, liek they are unbale to see us. Inside a geographic observation, the plane of man is a firmament that can be shut down as easily as they did our famileis at the company. To make things a little easier to understancd, a home whith three living environemtnsd as described, has 4 firmaments, and one is the common interlock.

Engineering Projects, Developing the Technical Infrastructure for Arkist and UoA. (Research Index)

Copntributions to the UoA, and Elluminous, have dmeonstrated the need for population management beyond that of one species, mankind. And where the problem is not overpopulation, rather, aspirations for success like mankind across technical frontiers, and defense of planet earth. The Development of Arkist and the UoA, are of some foundation respecting the para physcial capabilities of species, and while pioneering our roles working together meeting topical agendas or requirements for defense. The example, the conflcit brewing in florida will soon come to front line against men who are destroying species and alledging fanatasy of things their minds are unable to comrpehend as dead men to the reality of the universe and bull dozers.

Engineering Computer Systems, and components. (Research Index)

Innvations on the front line of computer and other intergrated technolgies, has new forms of memory being experimented with and implemented, including new types of computer systems. The capability of a home made computer in my back yard, prior to the use of ion or other research indexes, presents a capability modern machines can not equate.

Projects SG, QBI, QT, ML Contributions. (Research Index)

The portfolio acquisitions are complete, and the last piece of SG as that abandoned project of the United States Military and CIA have been acquired and are not for sale or transfer accept as the SEERv Project serving the Continental People and Government as the spirits always have. These projects with QT (quantunnel, quantum tunneling,) ML (Marley Laboratory, Military Laboratory,) QBI (quantum bell inc.), and OIO. The research index across development oeprations has the scientific foundation first used for Quantum Bell Inc, as forenscis communication company, leanring the detriment of the RULE or exploitation of regarding interference of species, and further, arguing the methods and use of such radio, light, or electromagntic consequences.

Rembering those hurt during the war and the founding of a nation, belief, and science. (Research Index)

These project groups have recently completed a transfer of oprations from the CIA, and an official roster as part of our company resultijng in competition form aerospace companies who targeted and killed my community and 117 of our coworkers, and with about 60 of the arkist church in tomaka state forrest, setting fire to their corpses as state and federal workers of florida and the united states. That requirement as man to earn an income was interferred by theives working for an oil company, and of course, recent litigation with haliburton and british petroleum among aerospace competitiors like Northrup Gruman, SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Martin, Mcdonald Douglas, and several others companies mostly from international origin. The example of chinas refusal for the chinese poeple to build quantum bell inc, or that refusal of the germans to permit the quantum sciences stemming from our alledged work communictaing with 1920s nazi germany from this home as

Introduction and Founding of Quantum Bell Inc. (Research Index)

Year 2016 to 2020 + Quantum Bell is established in Florida 2018 as a Corporation; and is established to engage any and all lawful business. The board of Directors for Quantum Bell, has 5 managing operating units.,, and, Those participating persons are assigned by operating unit. Each operating unit contributes to the scientific data set enabling the technology of Quantum Bell. Quantum bell does not use the United States are other patent systems because we are not permitted to do so. If the state of country where we are operating must know how the hardware is used or functions, we can provide details. That protection for scientific pursuit is established with consistency in the public domain, and dated material as part of a scientific data set and proprietary information held by the company, and among other observation. That insurance for logical interest is built up with consistency in the general population, area, and dated material as a feature of a logical informational index and restrictive data held by the organization, and among other perception. Quantum Bell Inc. Leverages the research and development at and while discovering the ToTLR models, for advantages in research and development. The company is small, and is registered in the State of Florida. Recent acquisitions include the right to earn from income producing properties derived at, use of trade tools, discovered methods, and research. The website will be maintained as a trade company for the association of field surveyors, and early work achieving a library of research and practice as taught to interested persons. With agreement, Quantum is not a contractor or franchise of; and is listed as a second enterprise using similar survey methods of a trade association, where both companies use the same tool with a purpose. -->

Project Offices

Quantum Bell Inc. has our first location for business. I will be Fabricating technology developments at the location and are planning to use the local area tarmac at daytona international airport and airfield to test flight concepts with other projects. Project engineering has been ongoing for the discovery process, and further, work to understand light and radio applications. Or other aspects of development.

Income Models

The current income model at Quantum Bells Inc. is with the sales of products and services known to benefit the communities where we work. Spider hunter is an example of a product line developed by the MarleyLABS as a GOAL, and providing a service. Most proceeds and investment benefit the research done at the laboratory, and the defense of the individual.

News (Previous) 2017-2018 Annual Reports, 2018 Spider Hunter
  • Technology Foundation; Infrastructure Mapping and Forensics
  • Spider Hole Hunter (GPR, Ground Penetrating Radar and Tunnel or cavity mapping.
  • Enforcement of EM Deployments. (See uLINE services and EMF Field mapping.)
  • Field Experiements and Reconnassaince Support.
  • Scientific Proofs, uLINE and RULE; Medical Key Research. (
  • OIO; Scope Channel
  • Technology Foundation and Communications Research.
Quantunnel Qunatum Bell Inc. Technology of Magic and Radiation
  • The technology of Magic! QBI is analyzing the practical use of radio or electromagnetic environments for magic.
  • Magic is a natural ability of this executive. The conditions of Radiation, Electromegnetic Fields, and Chemicals can give the impression of Magical Ability. But is it really Magic? This research supports and weapons evalutions alleged to be magical enterprise.
  • This research is neccessary. If mankind should ever have a radioactive conflcit, magic is unavoidable for energy in the environment. Understanding these conditions helps me resolve uLINE and RULE problems in one area or another.
  • offers magical assistance to some qualified persons, and recommends they install a fenceless dog fence for the practical appication of this research.
  • Check out some festivals making light of the conditions for radiation in another country. We can unplug some of the modern conditions, we can not unplug cosmic radiation or the to consequences of energetic warefare that are radio active; we must wait them out.
an ARK
  • Support group for this personal perspective of a garden belief. an Ark.
Science Teams GOAL Projects
  • Government of America
  • Government of Florida
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